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Richard  S. Barela

Fraternal Greetings, Over the last year I have been the recorder for Oleika Shrine Temple and feel that I have gained a lot more knowledge on what it is to be a Shriner and more about the Shrine itself. I came to Oleika as a transfer from Moslah temple where I started as a noble in 1995. While here I supported the rodeo for 2 years and then became the chairman on short notice in 2015. We the nobles made this a success. I again volunteered for the chairman again in 2016 and again I want to thank the nobles for their support.

I started traveling east in 1993 under the American-Canadian Grand Lodge of Germany, Solomon Lodge #822 in Stuttgart Germany where I was initiated, passed and raised. I joined the Scottish Rite and Moslah Shrine in 1995. Most of my masonic experience has been overseas with my mother lodge in Germany and my affiliation with the United Grand Lodge of England and Knaresborough Priory Lodge # 4171 in the Province of Yorkshire and West Ridings in Knaresborough where I went through all the chairs in the lodge and was finally placed into the chair of King Solomon as the Worshipful Master in 2008. This was a really great honor as I was the 1st American to sit in the chair from this lodge in its history. My masonic travels brought me back home where I was a member of Richland Lodge #283 in Washington State and now with Lexington Lodge #1 and Buford Lodge # 494 here in Kentucky. I can state without any reservations that my masonic travels have taught me a lot about myself but also what it means to be a mason and upright man.

My professional history covers over 45 years of service to our country. I volunteered for the U.S. Army and spent 25-years with the 75th Ranger Regiment the premier fighting unit that ever was or has been and the Special Operations Forces Support. This instilled in me a “never quit and complete the mission attitude” with combat tours into Panama, Iraq and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This gave me the insight into teamwork and trusting the person to your left and right and not making prejudicial judgements until you know the person as a whole.

I also had a successful career with Lockheed Martin as a Logistics Engineer, Purchasing Manager and Sub-Contracts Manager working overseas for 15 years and 6 years here in the USA. This provided me with the necessary experience in cost accounting, contract management and negotiating in major government contracts. I hold a BS in Business Management and an AA in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland University College. I have held certifications in Transportation Management, Property Control, Hazardous Materials Movement and Certification. I have also been trained as an Emergency Medical Technician

I look forward to working with all my brethren and nobles in the future.


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